2016 Toyota Prius Hybrid

By | November 6, 2014

2016 Toyota Prius is the fifth generation of the best-known hybrid on the world who will come to the market redesigned. First time is launched back in 1999 and through four generations to date is sold in several million copies. Toyota strives to every new generation has better fuel economy than its predecessor. New Prius will have an improvement in fuel consumption by 20% and number is EPA rated stops at 60 mpg. Body will lie on TNGA new architecture that will be easier for 150 pound thanks to the use of aluminum and carbon fiber. This platform will include several of the latest Toyota models such as: Camry, Avalon and RAV4. The design will be recognizable but with the following modifications: a lower cowl, lower center of gravity cars, upright windshield and aerodynamic panels. Improved performance are main argument for gaining new markets and customers who are still skeptical towards hybrids.

2016 Toyota Prius-front view

2016 Toyota Prius – Electric motor

2016 Toyota Prius will be driven via a 1.8-liter petrol engine with four-cylinder engine and electric motor. The electric motor is fed via a nickel-metal hydride or lithium-ion batteries. The first batteries are cheaper but have less capacity while others are much larger capacity. Power is transmitted to the rear wheels or on four wheel optional. Mechanical assembly is significantly improved and there are improved management skills. The electric motor will be less than before, or if you have a good output values and technologies that will optimize its operation. Other technical details will be announced later.

2016 Toyota Prius-engine

2016 Toyota Prius – Modern cabin

2016 Toyota Prius features a modern cabin design with plenty of space. In addition, there are new materials, intsrument panel, touch screen navigation, entertainment system, wireless connectivity and more. The market will occur during 2015 and doce in several varieties. The price will remain the same despite the new technologies so we can find $ 25,000 and up. The new generation Prius will remain the most efficient hybrid that will be offered.

2016 Toyota Prius-interior

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