2016 Volkswagen CC Luxury sedan

By | December 5, 2014

Even though VW CC is not that recognized a brand like that of Passant, but for all lovers of adequate luxury sedans, the 2016 Volkswagen CC has arrived to stand up to their expectations. With an improved configuration as well as performance specs, this brand new car is all set to take the market by breeze, according to latest reports from VW.


As far as initial reports are concerned, they indicate that this car will have more than one engine configurations. This might actually be a good idea since these days markets are pretty open for multiple power train options in a single car. As of now, there have been only one base engine option, and another alternate engine option put forward for this car.

2016 Volkswagen CC-front view

2016 Volkswagen CC – Engine

The first engine of 2016 Volkswagen CC involves a 2.0 LITER turbo charged engine with in line 4 cylinders that is capable of producing about 200 HP of power spec @ 5100 RPM. Along with that, it could also generate about 207 POUND-FEET of torque @ 1700 RPM. The second engine option includes a bigger capacity one with 3.6 LITER and V 6 cylinders. It is capable of producing 280 HP of power @ 6200 RPM as well as 265 POUND FEET of torque.

Transmission specs are not yet made clear by the official statements but it might feature both manual as well as automatic transmission details. Fuel efficiency is going to be a major hit point for this particular next generation car, according to many trusted sources.

2016 Volkswagen CC – Exterior

Design attributes adorn the exterior details of this 2016 Volkswagen CC that can actually blend luxury as well as functionality very well. New exterior specs include a very smooth finish, along with alloy wheels and a streamlined body finish. The roof has been remodeled to put a very innovative look that involves cuts and fine edges. Luxury is the most prominent attribute of this car.

2016 Volkswagen CC-rear view

2016 Volkswagen CC – Interior

Interior attributes are mainly focused on improving the luxury quotient of this car, with a bigger and spacious cabin space as well as an impressive dash board configuration. Leather trim options are present as well with comfortable seats and smooth steering controls.

Price and Availability

There has not been much talks about the pricing specs of this 2016 Volkswagen CC but as far as recent reports are concerned, officials indicate to improve overall quality so that a little increase in pricing options can be justified. In addition to that, availability options are still under scrutiny but latest reports suggest that 2016 might be ideal.

2016 Volkswagen CC-interior

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