2017 Cadillac Eldorado Rumors

By | January 2, 2015

2017 Cadillac Eldorado comes improved compared to the previous edition. This model is marked previous century and was first launched in 1967 year. Exactly 50 years after the first appearance this legendary car will be available in its new guise. According to rumors, expects are body which will be built on the Zeta platform and have the drive to the rear wheels. Design has maintained a distinctive appearance but with some stylistic elements which are taken from the Cadillac Sixteen Concept. Changes on the outside include: refreshed front grille, side panels, air vents, redesigned wheels, upgraded roof line and dual exhaust system. Also is the rear part got refreshed elements, and will be fully incorporated into the new concept. American manufacturers expect the resurrection of Eldorado model and the growth of its sales when it appears at the dealership.

2017 Cadillac Eldorado-front view

2017 Cadillac Eldorado – V8 engine

2017 Cadillac Eldorado will be powered by a powerful V8 engine. Information circulating that will have a capacity of 4.8 liters and it will release a whopping 500 horsepower. Eldorado has always been a symbol of power and robustness, so is the same trend retained in this release. The engine will be mated with a 6-speed manual / automatic transmission. Sports suspension and enhanced braking system will help that are provide good driveability. We should not forget specially developed tires that will be able to endure high speed and friction of various configurations of the field. Fuel consumption is not reduced, it is difficult to expect with this engine but new technologies are optimized his work.

2017 Cadillac Eldorado-rear view

2017 Cadillac Eldorado – Details

2017 Cadillac Eldorado brings an elegant and comfortable interior. The seats are made of quality leather, while the details of wood and titanium make the interior very luxurious. The list of equipment includes: a new instrument panel, analog devices, titanium gearbox and much more. There are several trim packages that adds a sophisticated devices and new touches. Direct competitors are the Audi A5 Coupe and BMW 6 series. Release date is planned for the last quarter of 2016 year. Price models will be greater than in the previous model. More information coming soon.

2017 Cadillac Eldorado-interior

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One thought on “2017 Cadillac Eldorado Rumors

  1. Timothy Potwin

    Owned a 1999 Cadillac Eldorado Touring car. I am hoping the new Eldorado coming out in 2017, will have the smooth ride as my 1999 model. One classy looking automobile, a real show stopper!


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