2017 Ford F-250 Super Duty

By | June 3, 2015

2017 Ford F-250 Super Duty is a pickup which is getting ready to see the light of day. In fact Ford has done a good job with the F-series models, especially with a model F-150. However, the dimensions of the vehicle are larger than the specified model. The manufacturer has set a new trend of reducing overall vehicle weight for 700 pounds by using aluminum. The design is now much more innovative and streamlined compared to the previous period and noticed on the front fascia. Emphasized is the massive front grille, vertical headlights and a chrome bumper. The interior is very comfortable and spacious, so will affect the attraction of new customers. Drive system is driven by powerful engines of large volume and output values. The demand for this model is large, so expect good sales results.

2017 Ford F-250 Super Duty-front view

2017 Ford F-250 Super Duty – Engine

2017 Ford F-250 Super Duty under the hood hides 6.2-liter gasoline V8 that delivers 385 horses and 405 pound-feet of torque. The offer includes a more powerful version of the 6.7-liter Power Stroke turbo-diesel engine with 440 horsepower and 860 lb-ft of torque. Standard offer represents a 6-speed automatic transmission which transmits torque to all four wheels. Also will be available next-generation 10-speed automatic transmission that will transmit power to the rear wheels. Fuel consumption will be reduced due facilitating the body and the new gearbox. Detailed specifications will be announced later.

2017 Ford F-250 Super Duty-rear view

2017 Ford F-250 Super Duty – interior

2017 Ford F-250 Super Duty brings revised design of cabin. Passengers are arranged in two rows of seats. Double cabin is made of leather, aluminum and other luxury materials. The center console includes a new instrument panel, touch screen, automatic climate control, entertainment systems and much more. The trailer is considerably larger displacement and has a built-in accessories to facilitate the work under specific conditions. The premiere is expected soon and will be in dealer network during the 2016 year. Price ranges from $ 35,000 to $ 60,000.

2017 Ford F-250 Super Duty-interior

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