2017 Tesla Model III Price

By | February 6, 2015

2017 Tesla Model III is a luxury electric sedan that will experience a world premiere during the year 2016. It was originally supposed to be called the Model E but because of lawsuits by Ford this model will be called III. Dimensions will be less by 20% compared to the Model S, while the design will be very similar to him. The body will be built on the new platform, which is made of a lightweight material. Thanks to it will be reduced overall weight, and improving performance. American designers are bring a new look front grille, hood, new headlamps, lower rear glass and chrome details. The interior will be functional and adapted to the needs of drivers. New technologies and devices will take you into the future. Pure electric drive will have a favorable impact on the environment and efficient performance. Direct competitor will be his German model BMW Series 3.

2017 Tesla Model III-front view

2017 Tesla Model III – Gigafactory

2017 Tesla Model III will drive a powerful electric motor which is fed via a battery. The batteries will be manufactured in Gigafactory located at construction territory of the United States, in the production program will have batteries for all models of Tesla. The range of the battery will be over 200 miles. Cheaper production technology and higher capacity will bring the advantage over rivals. Speeds up for a whopping 7 seconds and top speed is 125 mph. Customers will also have access to Tesla’s charging stations that will be able to use free of charge. It is the largest item in fuel costs, so many customers will just decide for Tesla’s models. Drive specification will be published in detail after the public presentation.

2017 Tesla Model III-rear view

2017 Tesla Model III – Interior design

2017 Tesla Model III brings a futuristic interior design. Cab will combine high quality and luxury materials that will bring great comfort level. The center console will bring digital instrument panel, multi-functional steering wheel, and a large touchscreen. The cockpit is designed for the needs of the driver and passengers, a modern luxury touches will complement the concept. Passenger safety will be very important so it will be available to a large number of security features. In sale will be available in early 2017 year and its base price will move about $ 35,000.

2017 Tesla Model III-interior

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