2017 Tesla Model R Technologies

By | February 3, 2015

2017 Tesla Model R is the successor to the Roadster customers and will be available during 2017 year. The company image is very good, and it trying to strengthen the position with the new models. According to announcements Model R will accelerate from 0 to 62 mph in just 3.9 seconds, and in pure electric mode will cross the road of 245 miles. This convertible will be built on a modified platform Model S and X corssover. The changes that are expected on the outside are: a new grille, LED lights, alloy wheels, new windows and more it. The hybrid drive will bring new features and higher horsepower output. The interior will have a sporting spirit, expected it ergonomic seats and new technologies. This model will be popular with all generations of drivers.

2017 Tesla Model R-front view

 2017 Tesla Model R – Electric motor

2017 Tesla Model R will drive the clean electric motor who is located in the front part under the hood. Excellent performance will be expressed through a good control system, suspension and other elements. Power will be transmitted via the automatic transmission to the rear wheels or four wheel. Emissions are neutralized so that a very favorable impact on the environment. Other technical data is kept under wraps by the manufacturer. There is a possibility that there will be changes in the specification to the moment of appearance on the market. It is expected that reduced fuel consumption and extend battery life. In North America, a growing number of stations where you can make charging your electric cars.

2017 Tesla Model R-rear view

  2017 Tesla Model R – Interior

2017 Tesla Model R will have a luxurious interior design. On the center console is expected large touchscreen and other devices that will increase the comfort level. The seats are made of leather and have the option of moving the position, ventilation and heating. A typical Tesla’s concept is based on elegance and minimalism. Safety features will include a new braking system, airbags, stability control systems and more. Characteristics can be compared with the Ferrari models. Price has not yet been determined but will move above $ 100,000.

2017 Tesla Model R-interior


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