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2017 Toyota Fortuner Details

2017 Toyota Fortuner is popular SUV which will be changed primarily on the design. Toyota has decided to change the design of all its models. Brands are famous with the quality of workmanship and the propulsion system, but today buyer pays attention to appearance. The designers have created a stylish design with new front grille,… Read More »

2017 Toyota Land Cruiser Facelift

The 2017 Toyota Land Cruiser is a big off-road vehicle that will get a facelift. Updates exterior brings a new chrome grille, LED daytime running lights, a revised front bumper, aluminum wheels, new colors and a handles. The interior brings comfortable seats and modern instrument panel with new functions. The propulsion system offers a wide… Read More »

2017 Toyota Sienna Minivan

2017 Toyota Sienna introduces you to the world minivan vehicles intended for families. Long trip with large baggage are no longer a problem, because the new model brings more space inside the cabin. In addition, modifications on the exterior design will attract new customers. More is not enough that the vehicle is be functional, but… Read More »

2017 Toyota 4Runner Features

The 2017 Toyota 4Runner is a medium-sized SUV that will be an attraction on a global market. This vehicle advancing when the design and performance in are concerned. Body is made on the body-on-frame platform with new materials and modified dimensions. The design will get a muscular look with a distinctive front grille, new headlamps,… Read More »

2016 Toyota FJ Cruiser Last edition

2016 Toyota FJ Cruiser is off-road vehicle with a distinctive boxy design of the body. This legendary SUV is very popular in the US market but due to high costs and fuel consumption, probably will be the last edition. According to rumors, it is made of lightweight material would thus reduce the overall weight. Changes… Read More »

2016 Toyota Highlander Restyle

2016 Toyota Highlander come improved after a major redesign that was done in the previous edition. This mid-size crossover will get refreshed design while will aluminum be used which will reduce the weight of vehicles. Exterior will get a big front grille, new LED lights, 18 inch wheels, restyled rear spoiler, and a panoramic roof.… Read More »

2016 Toyota Tundra new diesel engine

2016 Toyota Tundra is a mid-size pickup that will come to market with new Cummins diesel engine. The new engines will be more efficient and with higher output values. Exterior will remain distinctive looks and just the front end received a facelift in the form of new grille and new headlights with bi-xenon and LED… Read More »

2016 Toyota Prius Hybrid

2016 Toyota Prius is the fifth generation of the best-known hybrid on the world who will come to the market redesigned. First time is launched back in 1999 and through four generations to date is sold in several million copies. Toyota strives to every new generation has better fuel economy than its predecessor. New Prius… Read More »

2016 Toyota Land Cruiser Friendly

2016 Toyota Land Cruiser will soon arrive on the global market in its latest edition. This SUV is gained enormous popularity by combining off-road features and stylish design. Tradition is a long over 60 years but has managed to retain a distinctive look with a few upgrades to the interior and powertrain. Exterior has a… Read More »