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2017 Ford Explorer New edition

2017 Ford Explorer presents a new edition of the popular crossover that will be updated. The third generation model gets a new look and new technologies. The goal of the manufacturer is to upgrade this model, so passengers have the available comfort. Competition in this segment is large and is dominated by Japanese competitors, Toyota… Read More »

2016 Mercedes-Benz E-Class Luxury

2016 Mercedes-Benz E-Class is a luxury car full-size, that will come redesigned in the market. The new edition will bring new design, engines and trim levels. The body will be built on the MRA platform with increased length and width, that provide additional space inside the cabin. Thanks to the use of aluminum and other… Read More »

2016 Infiniti Q50 Refreshment

2016 Infiniti Q50 will get refreshment which will it significantly improve. Modern design is based on visual changes relating to: aggressive front part of the vehicle, redesigned spoiler, new air ducts, LED lights, fog lights and more. The body is made ​​of carbon fiber so it will be much lighter compared to the previous period.… Read More »

2016 Hyundai Santa Fe Attractive

2016 Hyundai Santa Fe is extravagant SUV that will get improve design and features. This model has undergone the biggest modernization and became attractive to the modern consumer. Exterior will remain recognizable but will offer a more aggressive front of the vehicle, the better LED lights, large grille, new bumpers and updated taillights. Body will… Read More »

2016 Honda Civic Affordable price

2016 Honda Civic will be offered with a new design, higher quality craftsmanship and affordable price. The new edition will have lower costs thanks to the fact that is the production of this model moved to Ohio, USA. More than 50% of sales of this model just completed on this market. Redesigned edition will come… Read More »

2016 VW Tiguan Performance

Volkswagen are going to bring a redesigned and large SUV in 2016. The 2016 VW Tiguan will be more fuel efficient, larger and should have a reasonable price which will make it competitive with other models of different companies like Honda, Ford etc. It is seen that in present scenario 2016 VW Tiguan cannot compete… Read More »

2016 Nissan Frontier Transport

The truck is one of the most necessary vehicles now-a-days because these are used in different business for transport. People use truck as they can carry more amount of goods than any other vehicles like cars. For personal use, you do not need a huge truck rather than you can go for a medium size… Read More »

2016 GMC Sierra Design

2016 GMC Sierra is full-size pickup truck that will come to market redesigned. The new line will bring changes on the exterior and in the interior, while the powertrain system remains the same. The design will be modern and masculine and the dimensions modified, so you can expect wider platform on which will be built… Read More »

2016 Ford Explorer For families

2016 Ford Explorer is a crossover designed for families that will come to in a complete new release. Vehicle dimensions will be changed, so will on the available be additional space in the cabin. Exterior will get a new grille, LED lights, updated front bumper, spoiler and larger wheels. Aerodynamic panels and an air supply… Read More »